Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nanay's Ring

I saw this beautiful ring at for mothers rings and I couldn't help but think how mom will love having it in her hand.  I am not a fan of jewelries but my mother loves it every time I gave her one.  I think this will be a lovely little gift to her this coming mother's day.  This will surely makes her smile and return I will get a loving hugs and kisses from her. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mt. Manalmon 5in1 Adventure

Things have been very difficult these last few weeks but I know that I cannot undo the past and rather than sulking and crying over it I decided to move on and go back to the things I enjoyed doing.  I booked my weekends with activities that will set my mind and spirit free and last Sunday was an overwhelming adventure for me.

I joined this group just recently because I really like the weekend getaways that this group had been organizing.  I am just so glad that a friend of mine personally endorsed this group to me and so I tried joining their activities and last Sunday was the first one, the Mt. Manalmon 5in1 Adventure.  The 5in1 adventure was consist of hiking/trekking, spelunking, swimming, cliff diving and monkey bridge crossing.

I've done all the activities including the cliff diving however I was not able to do the monkey bridge crossing because I was already so tired after the trekking inside the cave as well as the spelunking.  But how I wish I also did the monkey bridge crossing or probably I will try it next time.  These adventures made my Sunday memorable and in the processed I also was able to gain new friends through this.

I am looking forward for our next weekend activity but for the meantime you may enjoy the pictures that I took in our Mt. Manalmon 5in1 Adventure...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!

Like an angel in the sky this guy never fails to amazed me.  He came when I need someone to talk to and just when I thought I lost the friendship here he comes like the knight and shining armor to makes me smile after a long time of silence because of his work and his family.  I am really glad to have a welcoming smile and words of encouragement specially at this point in time.  Our friendship has been tested through times but over and over again it always rescued us when one of us is in the darkness.
Thank you Sir Bryan Heyland for making me smile today and for assuring me that things will be better soon.  I am looking forward to bright future when I can laugh, sing and dance again.  I am tough and I know I will soon  passed this trials… 

Let it Go! Let it Go!

Letting go of someone you love and care is probably one of the hardest part to do but it is also one of the noblest things to do especially if you know that it is the right thing to do.  In this life, there will always be risk that we must take.  Opening yourself to someone and loving them without expecting in return are just one of the risks you are creating in your life.  But alas!  This kind of risk are the most satisfying things to do because we are all human.  As a human being we all have this urge to love and to be love, to care and to be taken care of.  However not all of us find that special someone that will stick with you throughout our lifetime.  We need to accept that people comes and go in our life, some will stay and some will go…
Letting go is an art that we all need to learn because it is when we learn how to value and truly express our care and love not only to the person or to the things we let go but more so to ourselves.  The only person we can control is our self and by doing so it is only us can decide what to do.  Let go of the past and of the people that you can’t really have because if we do so we will be able to welcome the new people who wanted to become part of our future. 
Life is simple so let’s not try to complicate things…

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014 SOM Alumni Home Coming - Recharged my Weary Soul

It is true that I feel so many uncertainties in my life right now but then I don't want to focus on those things and so instead of concentrating on the negative things I tried my best to enjoy the simple things that just within my reach.  I am just so glad that last Sunday was our Grand Alumni Homecoming in the Sisters of Mary.  I was able to attend the blessings of the tomb or our founder as well as the Eucharistic Mass celebration that day.  It was a solemn celebration and I really enjoyed listening to the sounds of numark im9 dj mixer while the children were singing.

After the mass, our batch gathered to enjoy our lunch and of course the laughter and the companion or one another.  It's been awhile since I had a good laugh.  I am so thankful that once in awhile we had a gathering at the Sisters of Mary where we all enjoy the place and the company.  I had batchmates that I met again last Sunday after 20 years of not seeing each other.  But nothing had change because we all feel the same way and that is missing each others company.

It was a day full of fun memories that keep my spirit alive.

Dealing with Uncertainties

Uncertainties is one of the most difficult circumstances to handle.  I been in this situation few years ago and I think I have to go through this once more.  Right now I really don't know what to do.  Career wise, I feel I am stacked to where I am right now.  I tried several times of getting out but it was not successful.  I put every penny that I have, I took every efforts that I know would help me in planning of going to other country but at the end I still failed.  I am again back to square one and figuring out what I really wanted to do before taking actions.  I don't want another failure...

Then, here comes the love life... again I feel that we are going no where this time.  I don't know where will it lead us or where are we heading.  I am also asking myself what will happen this year, should I stick or should I go?  Arrrghhh, too many uncertainties that I feel I'm floating.  I want something to happen but it seems that it is hard to achieve....

I hope my faith will lead me to the right direction and bring back the feeling hope within me...  May God help me in this journey...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Music Inclination

I was about to buy one of the drums for kids for my nephew but then I realized that what he need is a guitar, however my cash was not enough for the guitar and so I just told him that we still need to save some more before we can buy what he wants.  He has the heart for music and I really wanted to support him but then I have to make sure that it will not have an effect to my budget and so we have to wait a little longer before we can have it.

Music is everywhere but having one musician in the family is I think something that I can be proud of.  Oh well, I hope he will continue to move forward to get his dream.