Wednesday, April 1, 2015

November 2014 Treat - Minalungao National Park

Nature tripping is one of my things.  I love being with nature may it be river, falls, mountain, cave or beach and Minalungao National Park was combination of mountains, cave and river with refreshing and cold water that everyone enjoyed.  This park can be found in the municipality of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon.  This is one of the protected areas in the Philippines which are now starting to gain popularity for both local and foreign travelers.

What unique in this Park was the 16-meter high limestone wall on both sides of the river.  The raft riding was also a unique way to enjoy the green pristine river and the unique rock formations around the area.  This place is becoming a popular destination for picnics and short trips as this place is not far away from Manila.

Aside from the river we also check the cave nearby.  The cave was not long but good enough especially for those who are not use being inside the cave.  This short trip was one of my short and sweet travels which will I will look forward of going back given a chance.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 4 - IMG Hongkong Convention - The Business side

After the two days of pleasure it's time to sit and do business as usual.  We decided to get in early as there were thousands of delegates from all over Asia attended the convention.  We wanted to have a better view and good grasp of all the exciting announcements that will happen during the convention. 

Our convention was a day full of surprises.  We started at around 8:00 am and lasted at around 6:00 pm.  Topics were all about how we do business everyday, the Philippine stock market and other investments vehicles available in the market.  Leaders and founders of IMG were all there during the convention and it was nice to personally met them. 

Recognition was also one of the big things during the convention and IMG has always been so generous when it comes to recognition.  Indeed this Hongkong trip was all worthwhile as I learned a lot of things and experience of many of firsts...

Day 3 - Hongkong Disneyland Day Out!

Well, well, well!  It's time to satisfy the kiddo in me, it's Disneyland at last!  I woke up really early that day because I know that I will have a big day ahead of me.  I can't wait to finally meet Mickey in person.  So first thing first, I need to have a solo picture with Mickey. LOL!  There's a long line of people wanted to have a solo or group picture with Mickey and so we have to wait for our turn, but that's okay because it was all worth the wait.  I had my moment with Mickey.

Indeed, all things in Disneyland were magical.  I like the way the castles and other buildings had been designed and my eyes were feasting in all of it.  There were so much things to see and check for a day!  I wanted to take photos of everything however we only have a day to cherish it all, so I have to get the most out of it and just enjoy every moment that I spent inside that magical place.

As we explore the place the more it gets better and better as I saw the things I only seen in movies.  I enjoyed the rides even the most basic ride of all time. LOL!  I also had fun with the pixies for being one of them for a minute.  I also had fun in the toy storyland as well as the show along the way.  I had fun in the house of Tarzan and Jane and even with Pooh.  I also had a chance to explore the galaxy and so much more!  LOL!  See?  That's how I enjoyed my Disneyland day out.  Need I still have to elaborate my adventure?  Oh the finale!  Yes, I did enjoyed the parade of light and the most awaited fireworks!


Now, I am looking forward to see Disneyland in other part of the world. 

Day 1 and 2 Hongkong Travel - Mixed of Business and Pleasure

Wow!  So much catching up to do here.  Got so many travels but never had a time posting it here.  But anyway, I hope I can catch up.

Comes October 2014, it's time to fly to Hongkong to attend convention and since we were already there we maximized our time for the convention as well as visiting more of the beautiful places there.  Hongkong is one of the most progressive countries in Asia and it was always been my dream to visit this place as really wanted to see Disneyland.  So here it is!

We arrived Thursday night together of many of the IMG delegates for the convention though actual schedule for the convention was set on Sunday we opted to travel ahead of everybody for the purpose of exploring the country first before indulging ourselves to a whole day of seminars during the convention. 

Friday was our Cable Car kind of day.  We started our day so early so that we will be able to have ample of time to enjoy our day tour.  We went to Ngong Ping Cable Car in Tung Chung to enjoy the ride.  It was actually my first time and since I am not afraid of the heights I did really enjoyed our ride together with my colleagues and friends.


This cable car adventure was not all about riding a cable car but more finding out the treasure at the end of the journey.  Yes, indeed there was a beautiful treasure at the other end waiting for all of us.  All throughout of our journey I enjoyed the sceneries and get excited as I look from a far.   Why not?  When all I see were beautiful sceneries.

Of course, we did not missed the Peak Tram to witness the coveted dancing lights in the buildings scattered around Hongkong.  We were also able to have some photo ops with the wax image of some celebrities.

Boracay Escapade 2014

Wow!  This post is long overdue that I almost forget what happened that day.  Sorry readers as I almost forget that this blog still exist. LOL!  Kidding aside, I really neglect blogging for a long time although in my last post that I should continue blogging again.

Anyway, this trip happened last September 13-16 but I have been so busy with work that I almost forget to blog about it.  This trip was actually a birthday gift for myself last 2014 so even if the weather was not really good that time I and my friend Ivy still push this travel.  But I was so glad that we did because I really enjoyed it a lot.

It was my first time to visit Boracay and just like any other islands that I visited this place has it's own unique beauty that everyone will surely love.  Boracay was known to many local and foreign travelers and was featured countless of times to many articles here and abroad.  Needless to say, Boracay Island is a place you shouldn't miss if ever you visit Philippines. 

Despite of stormy weather that day, I and my friend Ivy arrived in Boracay safe and sound.  It was around 11:00 pm when we finally reached our hotel where we decided to stay for a night and look for another one the following day as we wanted a beachfront hotel and luckily we were able to find a very affordable resort right in front of the beach in Station 2,  it was Casa Pilar Beach Resort!  For the Nipa hut without aircon they charged us 1000 pesos per night with breakfast included.  We love the place as the settings were cozy and nice with huge pool that we enjoyed for ourselves.  Although the room was a Nipa Hut it was clean with huge space and since it was raining most of the time when visited Boracay the absence of aircon was never been a problem.  Location wise, this resort was really good as it was situated not too far from the center and not too close if you don't like the noise.  It has also a direct access to local market making it easy if you wish to check out local goods.  All in all, I will highly recommend Casa Pilar Beach Resort for those who are in a budget travel or even for those who are looking for a nice and cozy place at affordable rate.

Our time were very limited so despite of the rain we explore the island.  Our first day were mostly strolling in the beach near us.  Checking out the area that we can afford to visit in that rainy day.

Of course, we haven't missed the night life of this beautiful Island.  We had our share of drinks while watching the dancers literally played with the fires.  It was an amazing show and although it was a challenging performance I was glad that no one were hurt or burnt for that matter.

Then finally the sun showed up in our last day and although we just have a half day to enjoy the island we were glad to finally tried their water sports.  And because we had a very limited time we decided to try the parasailing which I was glad because I finally crossed that out in my bucket list.  I woke early that day and I was so glad because mother nature never failed to amazed me.  The sun, the sand and sea just gave me so much happiness that I just sit in the sand and watch the beautiful creation of God.  Then at around 9:00 am I and Ivy enjoyed the 15 mins ride in the parasailing.  It was one of the best memories that I will never forget.