Sunday, February 17, 2008

Buhay Engineer!!!

Hay... yan lang ang masasabi ko. hahaha. I dont know, nakabuti nga ba sa akin ang paglipat ko sa engineering or hindi? Well, before I'm working as an admin then while working I took up engineering course as one of my career movement. I enjoyed schooling thou it's quite hard. After graduation, I apply for an engineering position and luckly they gave me a chance to be a part of their organization. I was so happy at that time kasi biruin mo it was not so difficult pala to enter in the engineering organization. Well, akala ko lang pala yun. But now that all of the issues coming in parang ang hirap pala. It is really a tough job. Not as easy as becoming an admin. Siguro kasi nangangapa pa rin ako. There are still lots of trainings that I need to undergo. Siguro when I am done for all the training requirements I will be able to handle the job easily. I just need to be patient in learnings. Mabuti na nga lang at mababait yung mga senior engineer. They help me out on things that I need to learn. So bottom line, I still want to be an engineer. This will be my life... Buhay Engineer... So help me God. Cheers to all engineers!

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