Saturday, March 29, 2008

Coffee Break

Are you fan of coffees? Can't you live without it? I am a person who love coffee so much. My day wont be complete without having a cup coffee. I tried several times to trim down my daily intake of coffee because as I grow I drink coffee as if its my water. I know its bad because anything that is too much is bad for us.
My friend took this picture because she said that I am a coffee lover and I drink almost a pitcher a day. Wow, that's a lot, but what can I do I really love it.
But what if coffee mugs are as big as the one in the picture. Will I be able to really drink it? Probably not. The picture was so funny but it also make realize that coffee should not be an alternative to water. We can drink it but be sure that it's in minimal level. So, right now, I am still drinking coffee but minimized it a little bit. And hopefully trim it down to at least 2 cups a day. Still my days wont be complete if Im not drinking coffee.


Kazilar said...

See please here

laura said...

hahaha takaw u talaga sa kape...katawa naman nito

Gracie said...

hehehe, oo nga. di ko talaga maalis eh. hahaha. oks ba ung pics?