Sunday, March 30, 2008

Global Warming - have we done our part to control this?

March 29, 2008 at exactly 8:00 pm until 9:00 pm when I turned off all the lights in my house to cooperate with the worldwide campaign about "Turn the lights out for the Earth hour". An event which will fuel awareness on climate change and hoping to prove that when people of the world work together we can make a difference in the fight against Global Warming. I'm not sure if anyone of you also participated in this event but hopefully thru this message I can also instill some knowledge why we need to fight for global warming. What's in it for us?
What is really global warming? How it will affect our everyday life? Can we do our share in fighting against it?
Global Warming is an specific example of global climate change. It's the increase in the average temperature of the earth's surface and it is projected to continuously change from year after years. Imagine if our earth's temperature keep on going higher and higher each year? In th Philippines alone, we are increasing our temperature from 35 degrees celcius up to 42 degrees celcius in some of the areas. For other countries, this temperature is still okey but for Philippines, it's not normal to experience this. Not only in the Philippines, other countries are also experiencing this phenomenon. It is a problem all over the world and almost all of the countries around the world are doing their shares on how we can control this.
The predicted effects of global warming on the environment and for human life are numerous and varied. It is generally difficult to attribute specific natural phenomena to long-term causes, but some effects of recent climate change may already be occurring. Rising sea levels, glacier retreat, Arctic shrinkage, and altered patterns of agriculture are cited as direct consequences, but predictions for secondary and regional effects include extreme weather events, an expansion of tropical diseases, changes in the timing of seasonal patterns in ecosystems, and drastic economic impact. Concerns have led to political activism advocating proposals to mitigate, eliminate, or adapt to it.
But can we really stop this global warming? We may not but at least we will be able to prevent it. We have to understand the causes why we have Global warming problem today and from there we will be able to do our own share to prevent this.
There are various causes of global warming including variations in earth's orbit around the sun, volcanic erruptions has also something to do with global warming, atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations due to human activity caused most of the warming observed since the start of the industrial era. Starting from our own household, down to the road and to our work area we can see a lot of causes that contributed to the global warming. The smokes from our vehicles, burning our garbages and a lot more that creates unwated gases destroy our ozone layer which supposedly protecting our mother earth. Those are just some examples of the causes why this phenomenon is happening now.
This is really a huge problem that our mother earth is facing right now. It has a direct impact in our day to day life. Let's support the campaign to prevent global warming by doing our share.

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