Saturday, March 29, 2008

Halo-halo - summer favorites

Whew, this day was soooo hot. And am only thinking right now is something that will make me feel a little bit colder. I dont have aircon and the electic pan I think is also exhausted because its been up since yesterday. Luckyly, ate Joy, one of our neighbors is selling a halo-halo. Wow, so yummy and cold. I bought two, one for me and one for my bunso (that's our pet name to our youngest sister). And really, I am not mistaken, halo-halo still taste good.
I remember Mike, my former boss at intel. He and Alvin treat us for lunch and we bring them at chowking. We asked him to try halo-halo because it taste good and so he did. He emptied his cup of halo halo and said that it really taste good. But I told him that my mom's halo-halo taste even better compared to chowkings. So he told me to bring him to my mom but sad to say, my mother already went back to Bicol. But that's not the end because until now he is still asking me to hang out and go to a place where we can buy halo-halo. I'm thinking if I will also bring him to ate Joy's store of halo-halo kaya lang baka wag na lang. hehehe. I'll just find another place where he and my friends can hang-out just to eat halo-halo.
It really tastes good. I'm planning to have it again tomorrow. It's hot here in the Philippines but we get by because of halo-halo. LOL!


azillah said...

i miss the halo2x...

Gracie said...

Come here and I will bought you a halo-halo. hehehe