Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Miss my Bespren Wella...

It was already six months when my bespren Wella left Philippines to work in the US. She left almost 4 days after my sister Lara left for Canada to live with her husband. Parting is always a sad and painful memory but in life people comes and go. But of course there are few people whom you will really miss so much and ate Wella is one of those people that I miss so much.

She is my high school friend. We both studied at Sisters of Mary School during our high school days and that where our friendship blossom. I can say that our friendship was already tested. Infact she is not only my bestfriend but a true sister as well. Maybe not in flesh but in heart. We both love trying new things. We had escapades at the mountain and even experience playing with the fishes under water. There are no dull moments when we are together may be because we both love the things we were doing or may be because we just understand each other.

She is know to my family and my family love her so much and I also feel that I am a part of her own family as well. We both have aspirations in life. We are both a dreamer and achiever I may say. We love do things we know we will be happy and risk a lot to be able to achieve our dreams.

We also have differences but we make sure that it will never affect our friendship. We learn to respect one another and be an adviser to one another. I remember one time when we yell to each other because of something that we didnt agree. We were at the mall that time and the guard on duty hear our high pitch tone and so he approached us and asked if something was wrong and we both yell at the guard and said "NO!". Then we both laughed and said to each other if we are fighting and said, of course not, we were just discussing. LOL!

We been to a lot of places together and last place we visited before she left was in Palawan, where one of our guy bespren live. It was a 9 days vacation and it was really one of the best vacation I ever had. I dont know when will that be again because she is now thousands and thousands miles away from me. But Im hoping one day, we will be able to hang out again. I really miss her. We also chat from time to time but I still miss her presence especially during the special occassions that we were usually together. I just always pray to God that she is always okey and happy wherever she is. Miss na kita bespren!

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