Friday, March 28, 2008

My ECE Board Exam Experience...

March 26 and 27 was the days of my board exam for my ECE License. It was not an ordinary day for me as I need to wake up at 3:30 am in the morning and headed to UE Manila where I my exam took place. I need to be there at 6:30 am as requirement from PRC. No late examinees will be accepted and so me and my friend Rex agreed to depart Cavite at exactly 4:30 am. It was very short travel that I ever experienced from Cavite to Manila may be because I was so tense because I know that its my exam day and gosh I AM NOT PREPARED YET. Yes, that was really my feelings and I was so nervous about what will happen. Thou right now, I still dont know if I passed the exam, LOL, since it will be due for release on Monday, March 31. But nevertheless, exam in the morning was seems to be the most difficult of the 4 exams that I took. It was a Mathematics subject and it really made me sweat even we are inside an airconditioned room. Majority of the categories was worded problems and I think my fault there was I really did not invest time solving worded problems during my review. It was really hard because I dont where to start. But I have to go on or else nothing will happen. I submitted my papers 3 mins before 12:00 pm not really sure with my answer. Go out and ate luch together with my two friends Rex and Shiela who are all examinees like me. It was a very short lunch because we need to go back to room at exactly 12:30 pm to start the new set of exam and that was for Electronics Engineering. Unlike Math, it was a little bit easier since majority of the questions was objective type and a lot of it was covered during my review at Excel Review Center. I finished the exam at 4:00 pm and texted Rex and Shiela if they are done. Like me, they also finished the exam earlier so we met at UE entrance and decided to go home. But me and Shiela decided to passed by at Baclaran Church. We are supposed to attend the mass since it was Wednesday but my head was so painful that I felt it will burst. What I did was, I just lighted a 5 candles and pray to God to give thanks for that day and asked blessings and guidance for the next day then I asked Shiela if I can go ahead. It was a very long journey going back to Cavite that day. Traffice was minimal but still I arrived home around 7:30 pm. I planned to scan my notes that night but because of my headached I was not able to do so. So I tried to slept but I wake up in betweens so I decided to log on and lucky Ate Wella, my best friend and my sister Lara were online that night so I was able to chat with them. After almost an hour I decided to go back to bed and catched some sleep for I need to wake up again at 3:30 am.
It was March 27, and last day of my exam. Same routine like on 26th, I wake up, took a bath and headed to UE Manila. But this time, I am alone since Rex decided to stay in Manila during the first day of our exam. I was able to sleep in the bus and get some energy before the exam. at 7:30 am, I am already at the exam room and waiting for the papers to be given. Same feelings that I experienced during the first day of my exam but it was a little intense this time because of all the subject I was not able to scan my notes in GEAS. I only depend on the reviews and coaching at Excel and not really sure if I will remember it. But luckyly, GEAS exam was not as difficult as Math. I found it easier, even easier than Electronics. I finished the exam at 10:00 am and went out the room and texted my friends if they were done. Together we eat lunch and was able to relax a little bit because we are not in a hurry this time. We were sharing our experience during the exam and I felt so excited because GEAS was really easy. I know I was able to answer most of the questions. But my heart rush when I thought about the set of exam and asked myself if I was able to shade it. My exam set is A but then I couldn't remember if I really shaded it. Until now I am wondering if I did and I really hope I did because I dont want to fail just because of that. I really prayed to God that I did. But even I am so nervous that I was not able to shade it I still need to prepare myself for my EST exam, the last exam for ECE licence. Whew, It was easy if I knew the answers but my gosh I couldn't recalled any of the bandwidth and frequencies that I studied. I dont if that was the effect of the nervousness I felt for my GEAS exam. But anyway, I need to go on and finish my exam. It was 2 pm when I felt the sudden pain in my stomach. I cannot concentrate anymore in my exam because of that. So at 4 pm, I decided to passed my papers and went to my cousin's place in Binondo to release everything. LOL. Yeah, that was it. It was so hard and right at moment I am not confident I will pass the exam but nonetheless, I am thankful that I been this far in the journey of life.
It was a meaningful experienced for me. I was able to met a lot of ECE's and make friends with them. I was able to discipline myself to go to review center every weekend. I got a lot of patience going up and down the building and most of all I enjoyed my experience during my review. It was hard but fun. If incase I will not pass the exam I know there's still more to come. I just need to accept what will it be so help me God.
Thank you for reading this. Till next time.....

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