Monday, March 31, 2008

My Little Buddy, my BIG sister

Oooppps, don't mistaken her for someone else. She is my sister Laura but since I dont have recent pics of her in my pc so I just put her old picture. I'm not sure how young she was in that pics but just for the record, that was she look long time ago. hehehe...
Many of you might wondering who is Laura? I think a lot of you just met her in the internet but already thought that she is one nice fella. Well, you are right. She is a little lady like me but with the big heart. I've known her for as long as I live and I will never forget her sacrifices for our family.
She is the second child among the seven of us. Yes, we are seven siblings, not so big yet. LOL! And I'm the third. Usually, the second and the third was the one who has most number of fights among the kids but in our case that's not what happened. In fact we became the best buddy in the world. She is my sister and my friend as well. She is kinda strict at times but never to me. Maybe because she knew me that well and she do respect me in many ways. Or may be I just proven my worth of her trust. We shared common dreams when it comes to our family. We are both family oriented and we are really the one that help hand and hand to achieve what our family is now today. She maybe told a lot of you that I am the one who do the work in building up our dreams but what she dont know was that I will never do it without her at my side. She is the wind beneath our wings. She helps us fly high and get our own dreams. She even forgotten herself just to make us happy. She sacrifice a lot even before she graduated elementary.
I build dreams together with her. And everytime I feel so weary she is always there to comfort me and make sure that everything will be alright. There are times when I felt so down and I will go to her just to talk and with her I found comfort. She understand me so well. Even if I dont talk she knew if I have a problem. She might look so fragile but she is strong enough to carry the loads the God given to her. She is a person with very big heart capable of loving us all.
I'm just so glad when she finally found her better half. I know Thomas loves her so much and so even she is too from us, we are not worried because we know that she is taken cared of. I am so glad also that she finally fly out the four corners of Binondo which become her comfort zone for so many years. I am happy in every development she is sharing to me. So keep it up sister. You deserve everything you have because your heart is so pure.
I miss her but I hope one day, I'll be able to hang out with her again and have a good laugh with her.
Thank you for everything you do for me and for our family. May God bless you and Thomas always.


laura said...

touch naman me d2 gracing tuloy umagang umaga naiiyak me hehhehee thanks sis dun worry makakapunta karin d2 hehehe

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice post Ganda Grace. Laura is the best, even if a little makulit hehe. Hurry up and apply to come to Canada or we kick you :). Love ya Gracie !

Your brother,