Monday, March 31, 2008

Who Are Your Ocean 11?

Thanks to Rojoy for tagging me. Its fun to answer the question. LOL!

Name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head.
Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 11 people.

This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first..
No cheating.

1. Elisa

2. Ato

3. Bhing

4. Wella

5. JL

6. Rujhon

7. Aida

8. Lara

9. Glenda

10. Bunso

11. Mel

Now, it's time to answer the following questions:

HOW DID YOU MEET #4? Ate Wella is my besfriend and I met her during my highschool days at Sisters of Mary Schoo in Sta Mesa. She was my classmate and that is where our friendship started.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITHOUT # 6? Without RBB? Nothing, LOL! Kidding aside I will miss the days we hang out. He is one of the friend I considered closest to my heart. He is my guy bespren and I have so much fun everytime we hang out. Bespren, Ocean park ha? hehehe

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF #2 AND # 6 WERE GOING OUT? Oh that's cool! No. 2 is my father and no. 6 is my bestfriend Rbb and if they hang out then I think that will be fun but I doubt it if that will happen. LOL.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF #5 CONFESSED HE/SHE LOVES YOU ? For sure no. 5 loves me. He is my nephew and he loves me more specially if I bring him Jollibee. hahaha

HAVE YOU EVER EATEN AROUND #1?We used to when she is still living at my house. She is my mother.

DO YOU MISS #2? Of course. I miss my father especially when he is throwing corny jokes. hehe.

WHO IS #11 DATING? Not sure who she is dating right now. What I knew is she is still looking for someone to date with. LOL

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF #3? She is awesome. She is a woman with a big heart. I miss you sistah!

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF #9? Well Glenda Gurl is one of my close friend. At first I thought she is mataray but I begin to like her when I got to know her deeper.

WHAT WOULD U DO IF #4 AND #7 WERE DATING?I think that wont happen as they dont know each other personally. Aside from that they are thousands and thousands miles apart. LOL

WHO DOES #2 LIKE? I am sure my father still deeply inlove with my mom.

WOULD YOU MARRY #8? I can't marry my sister. hehehe and besides she is happily married already. LOL.

DO YOU LOVE #10? I definitely love her. She is the youngest in our family and everyone adores her.

EVER SLEPT IN THE SAME ROOM AS ANY OF THE NUMBERS? Yep, with ate Wella, with my sisters, my mom and dad.

I am passing this tag to RBB, Megan, Jam and Luchie

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