Sunday, April 27, 2008

Admin Lunch out with Boss Mike

I been thinking to write about our lunch out with Mike Keogh during the Admin Day celebration last Thursday but I was not able to really put words into it as I am tired when I get home. Oh well, excuses and another excuses. LOL. But kidding aside I really want to write it to put the memory of that event into paper. In short document it.

Anyway, It was an enjoyable lunch with Mike Keogh, my former boss when I left Finance. I know you are excited to know how it goes. Well of course he sent a calendar invitation to all of us, me, Mel, Jane and Josie who all became his admin. He was really thoughful to even include me in his invitation even if I already moved to another position and I was really thankful he did that for I really enjoyed the lunch and his company together with Mel, Jane and Josie. Even Mike is one of the big boss at Intel he is really a down to earth to reach out for us and we really appreciate that one. Not all boss are like him that is easy to talk with. The lunch turned out to be really a happy and memorable one. We were able to talk anything under the sun and that was actually made it especial.

And well of course in every events there's a highlight and you know what was that? Mike Keogh ate halo-halo with us in the nearby sari-sari store. Yeah, you heard it right. Mike, the big boss of Finance join us to eat halo-halo down the street. The taste of the halo-halo there was not really especial but because of the presence of our boss, it makes everything so special for us and that was the Admin day I will never forget and I'm writing it now to cherish the memory.

Thank you Mel, Jane, Josie and most of all Mike for the wonderful experienced. I hope it will not be the last.