Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bad News Comes 10 folds today...

It was 5:19 am today when I got a text message from my friend Rex telling me that the result of our board exam has been released already. He never told anything to me but I already got a hint that its not a good news because if it does he probably congratulated me already.

I was nervous and weary that I dont even bothered to check the newspaper anymore. I internalize my feelings and calm down myself before I finally go to internet and check it for the results. And I was right with my assumption that I didn't make it with the board exam but was even surprise that only one of my friend who was able to make it. Since I already prepared myself for this I was able to calm myself and accept the fact that I failed. But even if I already knew it was still painful and hard for me but then again I told myself to go on and be thankful because I still have my engineering job. Instead of dealing with the pain, I continue to my regular routine at work and as if nothing happened. Im also thankful that my co-engineers did not bothered to asked me anymore because probably they already knew the result and dont want to cause more pain to me.

I thought everything was okey because despite of what happened we had a free meal for that day sponsored by my company. It was so feastive because all the foods in our cafeteria was free. What I was waiting was the announcement for that day during the open forum at 2 pm. So attended my regular meeting. Did all the things need to be done for the day. Update the things that need to be updated.
It was 2 pm when all the employees in our company were gathered at our MP hall to hear the news from our senior managers who travelled in the Philippines just to give it personally. We already hear the humor that our company will soon be closed but it was always painful if you hear the confirmation. Yes, 6 to 9 months from now, our company will totally close and will leave us no choice but move out and find another job to sustain our family. It was really an emotional gathering because almost of the employees where already there for a very long time. I myself has been there for 11 years. It became my second home. I met a lot of friends there and I spent almost half of my life working there and now it will be close 6 to 9 months from now. This I really can't take but to cry and understand the management decisions that I know done their best to make it easier for us to start our whole new life outside the company.
I cant be angry with the situation because of course business is business. Im still thankful that they at least gave us time to fix our life and move on. A good separation package is also there to support us but what I am sad about are the friends that I will be leaving when the company closes. Until now I am wondering how my life will look like 6 to 9 months from now. It's kinda hard but I have to go on and face this kind of challenge. What I am praying right now is that God will help me accept all of this and be able to move on. So help me God...

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Paula said...

I heard the news too. My husband and I were saddened to think that 1,800 Filipinos will lose their jobs because of Intel closing down. I wish you the best of luck and I'm sure there'll be a rainbow at the end of this storm.