Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chingay - My Look Alike?

Most often than not, many people interchange me to my youngest sister especially during those times that we were both wearing long hair. It was so funny because there were times that even my mother interchanged me to her. We are not twins by the way. In fact we have 10 years gap. I’m the third child in the family while Ching is the youngest.

She will be turning 21 this year so since we have 10 years gap you probably knew how old I am so I’m going to give you the honor to do the math. LOL! Anyway, me and my youngest sister may have same face and same height but it doesn’t mean that we also share common likes and dislikes. In fact I think we are North and South apart. LOL. Not that we don’t go along fine but because we have different type when it comes to a lot of things like food, music, books, clothes, and a lot more. But of course there are things also that we both like. Movies I think are one of them.

What I can say about her was that she is an upgrade of me. Duh? Well, in the sense I think, yes. She was able to do the things I cannot, from doing the cheerleading stunt up to modeling stint. Not only that, she is also intelligent and witty. Smart in her on way but most of all she is sweet and cool. Yeah, that’s my sister. I am so proud about her. I just couldn’t imagine that she is now a grown up lady. Before when she was just a baby and our mom need to go somewhere she will entrust me to take care of our bunso (that’s the endearment we called her), and since I was studying that time and I don’t want to miss the class I will talk to Bunso and tell her to behave because I am going to bring her in our school. Good thing my teacher before was so supportive with that idea because she too don’t want me to miss school.

Those were the days I remember about her. And now that she is already grown up lady and has her own job and has her own free well to do things I just hope and pray that she will remain as good as she is right now or maybe if changes are need I hope it will always for her best. Being the best person she can be wherever she is. As her sister, I will always be here for her and just guide her perhaps and her advice when I know she needs it. I trust her so much that I know she will only do things that will make her a better person. May God always guide and bless her.

Wherever I go and whatever I will be, she will always be my bunso…