Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Administrative Professionals Day

They are smart, they are witty, they are kind, they are friendly and most of all they are their bosse's best buddy. Salute to all Admins and Happy Admin Day. I hope today, your boss haven't given you a hard time. Your boss should give you a custom cooler or cool stress ball to relieve you, LOL. Oh well, all admins deserve a break afterall they are the super girl/boy of every organizations. Why am I telling that? Just imagine an office without an admin. Oh, I don't want to imagine because I already know that it will be total chaos. They can be their department's logo item in a way.

I worked as an administrative assistant for quite a long time and so I already knew how admin really work hard just to make their organization shine and make the life of their boss and other staff of their organization easier. If you think being an admin is just an easy job well I guess you have to try it yourself. I know that there's no easy job and admin position is not an exemption. It's a tough job!

My admin experienced was also tough but it's a rewarding experienced. I met a lot of people. I knew that I have an influence in our organization and I knew that they respected me being in that position. I earned the trust of my boss which I think was one of the best thing being there. Not only my boss but I also knew that his staff trust me that much as well and it's really a heartwarming and fullfilling experienced. Being an admin thought me a lot of things. I am thankful that once in my lifetime I was able to be in that position and I was able to help others thru that position. It's may not be too big but I knew that I make a difference in every department/organization that I been with. I truely miss being an admin...

So for all the admins out there, I just want to say, Happy Administrative Professional Day! You all deserve this day! Have fun at work!

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