Saturday, April 12, 2008


I am Sam, opssss that's not my name. That is actually the title of the movie I watched last night. Yeah, I know that the movie was really old. It was in fact shown last 2001, almost seven years ago. But that's not the point here, whether the movie was old or not the fact that it make me cry watching it I think it is still worth to watch. Yes, tha movie really makes me cry so If you havent watch it yet I think you got to try.

It was really an inspiring movie. A story about a father and daughter but the twist of the story is that the father was in illness. His brain was functioning just like a seven years old boy although he was far beyond that age. But despite of his illness he was sure that he will soon be a father. And when he saw his baby and carry her on his arm he felt the love and joy that any father would ever felt at that time. The sad part was that, the mother of their baby left as soon as they get out from the hospital so the custody of the child was left on his hand. But despite of his situation he was able to raise his beautiful daughter and he makes sure that his daughter was having a normal life just like any other child. He gave all his love and support to his daughter just to make her happy but because of his situation there's come a point when his daughter dont want to learn anymore especially the word different because in her little heart she knows that her father is not different from any other father. She love her daddy so much and she dont want to hurt her daddy's feeling. But then Sam stood by and encourage her daughter to continue learning. But because of that situation, the american agency whose seeing the welfare of every child took an action and get Lucy from her father because for them Sam is not capable of being a good father and much more raising Lucy. That was the saddest moment for Sam when the police got the custody of Luch and he didnt understand why.

He got all his power to get a lawyer just to win back the custody of the child. He went for the best lawyer in town but was rejected at first since he dont have money to pay. But he tried and tried until he got her support. At first his lawyer was hesitant to help her but thru Sam and his unconditional love she learn a lot and later on when Sam was almost hopeless she is the one gave strength to Sam and help him all the way.

This story really inspire me. Sam capacity to love is overwhelming. I remember Alex when he told me that "A child should be born at father's heart even before they will born", this way babies will be sure that they will be in good hand because they know that no matter what their father wont leave them. In a way that was right, but I guess babies should be born in the heart of both parents before they even born. The love should always be there because if it's within all things will follow into places.

We should not judge a person's ability to love and care because we never know what's going inside within them just like in the case of Sam. Yeah, he maybe metally incapacity to raise a kid but because of his overwhelming love he manage to raise his baby.


Maria Justine said...

I have seen this movie so many ko talaga to,it made me cry so much...

Gracie said...

Hi Maria Justin, thanks for the comments. I love the movie too. It really makes me cry and realize a lot of things. Have a nice day!