Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Magical Smile

Do you even wonder what your smile can do for you? Or what your smile can do to someone else? I am wondering too about it. Is there a magic on it? So I made a smile check magic this morning on how will this simple twist of my lips can do to me and to other people especially?

As the sayings goes, start your day with a smile, so when I opened the door of my house, I saw my neighbor and I gave her my morning smile and in her sleepy mind she nodded and smile back at me. When I reached the tricycle terminal where I usually ride to reach the gate of our subdivision, I saw that the driver was looking at me so I nod and smile at him then he smile back at me. And when I reached the shuttle bus terminal, the driver was standing near the door of the shuttle, I stopped and smile at him and again, I got a smile back gesture.

As I walk inside our lobby, the guard greeted me with a smile and in my sleepy head I couldn’t say anything but smiles back at her. Then while I was walking at the hallway going to my usual destination, my co-employee walked beside me so I greeted her and smile at her and same with my neighbor and the tricycle driver, she smile back at me. As I reached the comfort room to fix myself, the janitress who was earlier than me gave me her sweetest smile and so I nod at her and smile back at her. I was early so when I arrived to our cubicle no one was there yet. I open my laptop and read the emails just to check if there’s any urgent matter that need to attend. Few minutes later, my co-engineers arrived and so I greeted them and smile at them and as usual I got a smile back from all of them. Wow, I just felt right that morning. I feel happy and I don’t know why. Was that because of my smile? Well, I don’t know yet.

I went down to the cafeteria together with Mel, Sonny and Mon and ate our breakfast before going to our module meeting then attend from one meeting to another. I admit, I’m not really consistent with my test. There were times that I also frown because I just heard an awful news or I read a not so nice email or I were so engrossed with my thinking that I didn’t even noticed I will bumped to my co-employee. A lot like that, but I can say that this test was pretty good because I know that I am able to brighten someone’s else day with just a little twist of my beautiful face (duh!, LOL). But it was true, because it also makes my day and I just can say right now that I indeed has a lovely day. Why not try it too?

Till next time… Don’t forget to wear the magic in your face! SMILE!

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