Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Haven on Earth...

Many of us were looking for our own haven. A place where we feel the peace, love and harmony. A place that we enjoyed so much that we keep on coming back, the place we call our haven. And I am so lucky because I found my own haven here on earth. My home, my refuge.

Not many of you knew about the Sisters of Mary School. It is a scholarship school for high school students. But unlike other schools, Sister's of Mary School (SOM) is not only offering a free education for the poor kids but it also offer you a home to stay, a family to love and cherish you. It offers a place you can call home while you are away from home.

SOM was founded by Msgr. Aloysius Schwartz an american priest from Washington D.C. Because of his love for the poor, he accepted a lot of humiliation, pains and trials just to establish the boystown and girlstown for the poor and it was called the Sister's of Mary. SOM was indeed a miracle works of God thru Father Al. May 10, 1981 when he established SOM in Korea and it was in 1985 when he started his charity works in the Philippines. He was indeed a man of faith and love because even in his death bed he was not thinking about himself but us, his children. With him I feel the security and the unconditional love, a love that expects no return. I was so sad when I saw his body lying in his coffin because at my early age I was worried that this haven might eventually disappear now that he is gone. But God continues to work to keep my haven stand still on where it is by the help of our dear sisters.
I was so thankful I am a part of this haven. Yes, indeed I am. Many years ago, I was one of the students of this beautiful haven. There, I learned a lot of things, from academics up to my spiritual and emotional well beings. SOM, teached me the value of the family and friends, the value of home, as they said, there's no place like home. And I agree with that because no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing, at the end of the day you will go back to a place you called home.
I graduated there for so many years ago but the feelings remains the same everytime I come back to visit my haven on earth. Coming back there always give me the feelings of security and love. I feel so refresh everytime I am around the four corners of my little haven on earth. I pray to God that He will continue to keep my little haven on earth until the last breath of my life. I hope it will remain forever because I know I am not only the one who called this place haven but a lot of us.

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