Friday, April 18, 2008

My Lazy Saturday....

Thug, thug, thug... and I heared voices becoming so loud. I'm hearing children's playing and then my cellphone's ringing! Yeah, it's ringing! Oh golly, I really have to wake up now. I still feel sleepy and I feel so lazy today. It's my off for goodness sake. I still want to get some more sleep but I can't just shout and tell my neighbors to stop and be quite. Oh well, not because I can't but its really late and they have all the rights to do what they need to be done. It's now 9:00 am Gracie and time to wake up little girl. LOL!

Oh yeah, I really need to wake up now. Afterall I cannot go back to bed after hearing all of those noises. I can't blame them, I wake up so late. LOL. And besides, there's a lot of things to be done today. I have to wash my clothes, wash dishes and clean the house. But of course before doing that, I have to condition myself. So, I ate my breakfast, checked my emails, chat a little bit and do the blog. OH, it's now on my system. I am enjoying every minute of it. LOL. But of course I can't just blog all day, there's so much more to be done as I said.

Get up now sexy butt and start your chores and dont worry because you can always go back here and do your writing. But for the meantime you have to finish your chores because there's no one else to do that. Oh yeah, no one because I just got a message from my youngest sister and she told me that she will not coming home this weekend as she prepared to join our cousins at the beach. Lucky for her, got a lot of time to enjoy the beach. Well, she deserved the break after a long week work. And me? Waahhh, I have to start doing the chores. LOL! Don't be lazy Gracie!

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retchel said...

same here...i had a lazy saturday...i slept.slept and slept...

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