Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My typical day

Thanks Sweetiepie for the tag. Okey, here's my typical day....

What time do you usually wake up?- My cellphone starts to snooze at 4:35 am but I stand up after several snooze or sometimes literally drag out myself from bed. LOL! Most of the time I'm up at around 4:50 am or I'll be late to work.

What’s the first thing you do?-turn off my cellphone from snoozing then turn on the light.

Breakfast?- I ate breakfast at my work.

Do you go to work/school?-Work full time

Do you like it?- I do but lately I just force myself go to work and that happened when I heard the announcement .

If you stay at home, what do you do all day?-Do the chores, blogging and chat and of course sleep. LOL.

When’s lunch and what you eatin’?- Around 12PM and depends on what I like to eat.

What time do you get home from work/school?- most of the time I got home at around 5:00 pm. Thanks to God I dont have to work late.

What do you do?-I work as a process engineer

Dinner: When and what?- not really sure. most of the time i miss dinner for my diet. lol. but sometimes I just drop by at the fast food and eat there.

What do you do to unwind?-Hang out with my friends

What’s your favorite part of the day?- nightime.

Who’s your favorite person to interact with?- Any of my friends. Well, I wish my bestfriend is here.

Who’s bedtime with?- my blanket and pillows. LOL

I want to pass this to Jam, Lourdz, Breggie, Bunso, Ate Lara and RBB

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