Sunday, April 6, 2008

Person to person - one rule that we should not forget..

Yesterday, me and my bespren Rujhon met at Mall of Asia to hang out. At first, we planned to go to Ocean Park because that's what I requested from him as his treat for me after my exam. But then, after learning that it's over crowded every weekend we just decided to meet somewhere else. Anyway, all I want is to have a chit chat with him and hang out with him just like we use to do when ate Wella were still here. Well, that's what are the things I and my besprens enjoy. Hanging out and chit chat.

So, we met at Mall of Asia at exactly 11:15 am yesterday. Just like any other day that we hang out, it is always full of fun. So we went first to the food court of MOA to eat lunch but not deciding where to go after that. After lunch we decided to see a movie because it's been a long time since both of us seen a movie and we might forget how cinema looks like. LOL!. We picked a movie to watch and finally decided to watch Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! Yeah, you heard it right. We watch a cartoons movie because that's the only movie I think suits for both of us. We are always young at heart. LOL.

At first, I am not sure if he will enjoy the movie or not because as for me I dont have doubt that I will enjoy it. I love cartoons (you can ask ate Wella, LOL). The movie was so funny and since both of us were "mababaw" we can't help but to really laugh from the beginning up to the end. It was a fun movie but has a moral value as well.

One thing that I like in the movie was the value it teached us and it's the "Person to person" attitude of Horton. He believe that no matter how small a person can be and no matter where they are you should respect and treat them well. That even he dont seen Dr. Seuss and he just hear them he promise to protect them in any harm may cause them even if it will cause his death. Because of what he did, he was able to protect all the living things exist on that specs. He was able also to make the animals around him to believe in what he use to believe about the Person to person attitude.

In the part of Dr. Seuss, he was able to prove that if everyone act together you can make a big difference. They were able to prove they exist because of the chant they make. All this little creature chant and said we are here, we are here to make all other animals from Horton's side believe they exist. And because of that, they prove they exist.

It was a fun movie and interesting movie. I enjoyed and I learned from this movie. I think not only me but my bespren as well. We were chatting about this movie as soon as we move out from the movie house and we were both glad we just watched it. Yeah, Horton was right, person to person, no matter how you look like, no matter where you are and no matter what you are as long as it has life we have to respect them and let them live.

Thanks Bespren RBB for a happy weekend!