Monday, April 14, 2008

Rainy Day in the Middle of Summer

I wake up this morning feeling a little awe because of what I am hearing. No, its not the hammer of my neighbor but its like a sounds of a rain. So I turn off the fan for me to be able to hear clearly. And, Oh yeah, it was a really raining. What? How could that be? It's still on the peak of summer here. That can't be possibly rain, I told myself. So what I did was get out of bed and peak at the window. Wow, a rain in the middle of summer. It was wonderful and good thing I have here a patio umbrella. It makes summer a little colder and it was really a releave for me. It was unusual to have rain during summer. Usually rain start when the month of May comes just like any other summer that we have. But thanks to God for giving us rain today and for having a patio umbrella for it helps a lot of us. Having rain once in a while during the peak of summer give us the feeling of relief. I know a lot farmers benefit on that rain but I don't know if they also have a patio umbrella to cover them under the rain. It was not a short rain for it last almost whole day. Thou it make my travel to Manila a little bit harder but what the heck I still enjoy this rain.

Summer will be over soon and rainy days will soon come. I always love the rain especially during my off because I can sleep all day and just do nothing until the rain is over. But while waiting for this season to come, I wish to enjoy summer with a little twist and that is a day like this...

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