Sunday, April 20, 2008

Teaching English is Good and Fun!

I was only a 4th year high school student when I experienced being a tutor for English subject in one of our junior student. I’m not really good in English, in fact it’s my lowest grade I always have I think from primary up to college level. But being a senior student and belongs to a star section, I have no choice but to do the task and that was to teach English. Our tutorial class last I think for one semester and me and my student met every Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the library. At first, I really don’t like the idea of being a tutor because first I have to do it during weekends which gave me less time to do my other activities and second I really don’t have patience in teaching. Well, I can say that was before.

Anyway, whatever complains I raised I still don’t have a choice but to teach and patiently teach because the students that will be under tutorial needs really our help and guidance to coupe up. It’s a one on one tutorial. During the first day, I was a little late because of some errand in our dormitory that I need to finish first before going down and meet my student. But I know it’s a lame excuse, I shouldn’t be late in any of my appointment. And so, when I entered our library, everybody was already starting except for my student who patiently waited for me. After seeing her sad face I promised to myself not to be late again and to really teach her and give my best on this tutorial.

I started our conversation by asking her how she was and we introduced ourselves to one another. I also asked her the things she thought was difficult to understand and found out that she hardly read English. By the way, our language is tagalog but we have English subject in our curriculum. So anyway, I let her read one short story and yes she was having a hard time reading. So that was I concentrated, for the next 2 session I practiced her reading and later on after she read I tried to let her summarize what she understand in the story that way I was able to know if she also find it hard to understand. Then I also checked her spelling ability then we proceed to subject verb agreement. Then later on I realized that I am also learning thru her. She also thought me a lot of things. Being patient was one thing I developed during the entire session. I never quit teaching her ever if we need to do and redo and redo the things she don’t understand. I don’t want to finish our tutorial session without her learning the basics because I know everything will come along when she already knew the basics.

I’m really happy seeing the improvements in her as we met. I recognized what she learned and encourage her to exert more efforts on the things I think she still needed to understand. I gave her assignment to assess if she was really learning. Days passed by so fast and we ended up our tutorial but I never stopped asking how she was doing every time our path crosses. I cannot remember her name anymore as I always called her ate but her lovely face remained in my mind and a way I am also thankful for her.

I teach, I learned and I had fun on that tutorial.

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