Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2008 Intel Summer Get Away!

TGIF (Thanks God it's Friday)! Why I am thinkig by the way, am I going to Hawaii vacations spot? Or maybe I got a Hawaii vacation packages or perhaps a Mexico vacations? Of cours not! But hey, last Friday, May 16, 2008 was one of the happiest Friday I ever had. Hmmm, what's made it special? Well, well, well.... It's time to have fun in the sand! Yes, it's our company's summer outing and unlike any other outing I really enjoyed it. For once, I am not one of the committee! Hurray! And another thing was that it's a like a big reunion for me. It was the only outing I attended that all of the department that I been with for my 11 years of stay at Intel were together in this one happy day. From my team 4 kapamilya up to my Q&R, Finance and CVAT engineering kapuso.
At first I am not really decided to go but when I realized that it might be the last summer outing that I will be able to attend together with my friends at Intel I decided to go and I am so happy I did. We rode the bus going to the venue together with the Q&R family. It was a long journey from Cavite to Nasugbu Batanggas but it was fun. Having surrounded with old friends gave me this warm feelings. I feel comfortable with them. I was able to exchanged jokes with them and of course I was able to catch some sleep while on trip. Although, we were not able to catch the bus where most of the test engineers ride it was still fun.
When we reached the venue at last I felt in love with the sea and sand immediately and posed some more before finally changing my swimming outfit. Ops, sorry but it's not a two piece, LOL. So when I finally finished changing my clothes I went to the water and swim to my heart's content. I started to swim from morning till afternoon that makes me dropped dead when I reached home. I really love to swim and I enjoyed the water so much. I also got a chance to have some chit chat with my Finance family while swimming at the pool. I also enjoyed the food! It tasted really good! Cheers to the committee of this summer outing because they really did a good job!
Well, until now I am still reminiscing the happy memories of our summer outing. It was indeed a better get away from the hustle and bustles of our everyday job. It always feels good to have fun after tiring work. So, you too guys... don't forget to have fun!
(sorry Christian, I displayed our pics. I want to display our other group pics but I don't have copy yet. I'll post it when I have it, promise!)

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