Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Book, one of my favorites!

Wow, one of my friends is due this month! We are so excited and we are preparing for a baby shower this week. As usual, we divided the gifts that we will be giving to our friend during the baby shower, this way we will be able to eliminate the chance of having the same gift. Well, it’s practical that way. So, as usual I took again the baby book as my gift. My friends were asking me why every time we celebrate a baby shower I always get the baby book as my gift. And they were teasing me because among them I’m the only one who is still single. Whew!

Anyway, moving back with the baby book and why this was always been my gift? Well, I told them that I love doing scrapbooking, for me it’s collecting some memorabilia’s and I find it useful and fun and so because of that I often give baby book as a gift during baby shower because that way they can start doing their baby’s memorabilla’s at age zero. It’s really fun doing it and I just want to share with the new momies how I feel everytime I am doing the scrapbook. I’m not sure if they will like it too but I hope they will be push to collect for their babies. LOL!

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