Sunday, May 4, 2008

Feeling Empty today….

Here it is again. It’s been a while now that I’m feeling like this. It is a feeling of being empty inside. I was thinking of the possible things that causes why I am feeling this way but I couldn’t find the answer. Arg… I really don’t like it every time I feel like this. It’s as if something is lacking. Does it because I read a lot of romance pocketbooks lately and was a little bit envy to the heroine because at the end of the story they were able to be inside the arms of their hero? Or was it because of the uncertainty in my work? Or because I just missed a lot of things lately?

Well, I really don’t know. Maybe it’s a mix of all those things. What I feel right now was that I feel happy but deep inside I’m not. Oh golly, I really hate it! I hope I can go back to my old self. I think I need to hang out with my friends a little bit more and not stocked myself inside my house. Maybe I should go out and meet new people. Oh my, I really feel awful today. I hope there’s someone out there that can cheer me up and give spice to my life a little more.


Florence said...

I linked you na sis, just don't forget to link me as well. thanks!

btjAm said...

ai naku po...

whatever it is dear, you just have to get over the feeling and get over it soon.. ;)

wag pa-lonely2 kasi nasasayang kgandahan natin.. baka mgka-wrinkles... hehehe

nywayz, ur absolutely right dear.. u have to go out.. enjoy.. explore..

life may not be perfect... but there will certainly be reasons to celebrate it...

God speed... ;)

Gracie said...

I'm so touched with your comments dear. Thank you! You are really a wonderful person I can feel that. You are right, dapat happy para di sayang ang kagandahan natin. Love yeah! you take care also