Sunday, May 25, 2008

Groovy Sunday with my friend Rod!

At last me and my friend Rod Santia finally got a time to see each other last Sunday. We haven’t seen each other for quite a long time and though we were communicating regularly, seeing face to face and having a time to chitchat really excite me. We live not too far from each other but because of our work time became one of our gating to meet. Hey, you might be wondering why I was so excited with our date. LOL, she is definitely not a guy. In fact she is just like me, pretty, smart and cool. Hehehe. Oh, shut-up this is my blog so I can describe myself anything that I want and you can’t stop me. LOL! Kidding aside, she is really what I’ve told you a while ago, pretty, smart and cool and every time I go out with her I really had a great time and that’s one of the reason why I love going out with her.

I met her way back in 2005 and since then we became good friends. I remembered our first meeting that we were both talking fast as if its not our first time to meet. My golly, I told to myself this lady in front of me talked like me. She also talked fast and always delighted hmmmm… I think I will like her and yes I did really like her. We can just talked anything under the sun and do great things together. Ops, reminiscing the fast make me out of topic. LOL! So going back to, we met during lunch time at SM Dasmarinas because that’s the nearest mall for both of us. We ate our lunch together and really had a great time talking while enjoying our meal. After that we watched Indiana Jones which is really a good movie to watch. You better watch it in the theater. The effects were really cool and I also love the twist of the story.

The movie last for two hours but that’s not all. After the movie she told me that if it’s ok to have a facial treatment to Let’s Face it saloon, one of our favorite facial saloon, of course I love it too so I agreed with her and proceed to the facial center. And there, we both had time to relax from the hustle and bustles of our work. While having the facial treatment, we were still talking! Mindy you, we were talking nonstop and yet we weren’t out of topic. But when the lady in the saloon put on our mask we can’t do but to stop talking and just relax. LOL! Gosh, I realized that it’s been a long time since I did this kind of activity together with a friend. It really relaxed me and makes me felt alright.

Thank you Rod for the groovy Sunday! I hope that we can do this again next time. Take care friend! See yeah!

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