Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm back to my old HOBBY! Reading... again?

It was a long time since I given up this hobby of mine. Not that I dont like it but it's just that I'm hooked up with a lot of things that I really dont find time reading. Yeah, once upon a time I became a book addict. I love reading and any books or magazine would do but what I like to read most are romance pocket books. It makes me feels so young by heart. LOL!

I thought this hobby was over for I wasn't hooked again to reading. Thou I still need to read books its because I need it at school and don't have really choice. I want to read to let a boring day just passed and of course to relax. But, heck! I really wasn't over it yet.

Just two weeks ago when I again started reading romance pocketbooks and right now I'm done reading I think 25 pieces of it. Wow! Can you believe that? I'm becoming addicted to it again! I even got a discount card already because I keep buying again. Oh, I just love it! The stories I read so far was really good. I love them all. It even make me cry. LOL!

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