Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Bloopers – just for a Laugh!

I received an email from our department manager asking for help but did not specify what really the help needed he was asking from us. The email was addressed to all engineering staff and it was just a one liner message that says exactly like this: “All troops, I need all of you at NGBI area in 10 minutes – balikatan lang po ito”. After reading Abel’s email (he is one of our DM), I immediately got my ESD shoes and wear it then grab my smocks and safety glasses and headed at NGBI area not knowing what will I get into once I reach the area.

I was the first one to arrive and was really ready to extend my help. I asked the technician what help I can do and he was laughing because I’m too small and looks too weak for the job. Why? Because what they need was men with big bones and big body to do the job. They need to uplift the very long crane with wires inside and it was too heavy for me. Aside from that, the task was to put it at the top of the machine which is almost thrice taller than I am. No wonder they were laughing when they saw me coming and I was laughing also when I realize that they really don’t need my help. LOL!

But thanks God because after a few more minutes a lot of engineers come in and replaced me for the task. Even them were amazed and laughing because of all people, I was the one who were the first to come. It was funny really. Imagine the task was sooo big for me and yet I am the first one to show up. Hehehe.. But though I was not able to help them lift that thing up there I was able to give them a laugh that created a cool atmosphere for everyone. Because of “Bayanihan”, we were able to do the job in less than 10 mins.

I think I was able to help them in my own little way, through my bloopers I was able to make a happy atmosphere. hehehe

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