Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barcode really Help!

I'm deliberately thinking of a solution in one of our project for the process improvent inside the manufacturing line. I'm thinking of a way how we can increase the productivity of our operator without affecting the quality. One of our problem was the long lot number of our products so we find a solution on how we can improve it since it took a while before they can encode it. There were also times that they enconde wrong lot number since it's a combination of several numbers and letters. So we introduced barcode in the manufacturing line. But before we can use it we have to do a barcode level in all of our tickets then install a barcode software in our computer to match with the barcode scanner that we are going to use.

After finally finishing the installation and pluging in the barcode scanner, then we were all set. And to our suprise, barcode really help! It helps increase our productivity by almost 30% and it also helped with our quality improvement. No more wrong encoding for it's already been barcoded.

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