Friday, June 27, 2008

A day of fun for Intel Involved Volunteers

It was an amazing turn out when Intel Corps finally rolled up the number of volunteer's our Intel Involved gathered. Could you imagine that we really come out with 122,000 volunteer hours in just two quarters? It's really awesome. Even I could really think how Intel Involved helped the community in so many ways. But don't worry, we maybe busy doing a lot of things outside our work but Intel Involved never also failed to enjoy.

Just a month ago, we celebrated our summer outing for IISC together with IICAP. IISC is Intel Involved Site Committe and IICAP is our community partners. It was a whole day fun for us. And let me share some of the photos we have. Enjoy viewing!

Having a good time at the pool!

That's me inside the tissue Paper. Gosh I can be a Mummy too. LOL!

After the show... It's up to you to guess what show. hahahaha

Educ Team Jump for JOY!

Feeling sweet this time. LOL!

Salute for Intel Invlove Site Committee!

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