Wednesday, June 25, 2008

El Nido, Palawan.. A Paradise to Behold!

I am so excited when my friend RBB asked me if I want to go back to El Nido for a vacation. It was 3 years now when I was able to have a grand vacation there together with my two bespren. It was indeed a wonderful experienced being able to stayed and have a grand time in paradise like El Nido. I been to a lot of beautiful places in the Philippines but El Nido is comparable to none and going back there surely excite me. Oh I just wish it will happen soon. Though RBB hasn’t finalized the date yet but I’m positive that it will happen. Oh well, I’m crossing my fingers into it.

Maybe you are curious why I am excited that this vacation will push? Oh well, here’s the glimpse of how our vacation turned out.

I vividly remembered that day… it was raining so hard and yet me and Ate Wella woke early to prepare ourselves going to the airport for us not to miss our flight. It was a chilly morning but our excitement to finally reach Palawan was as hot as fire. We were so damned if we will miss this opportunity to visit El Nido. Well, we actually had our things ready 3 days before our vacation. Hehehe. Anyway, when we reached Puerto Prinsesa’ airport our bespren Rujhon together with his nephew and his cousin picked us up at the airport and headed to El Nido.

I thought it was a short journey like 2 to 3 hours but heck; it took us almost 11 hours to finally reach our destination. At first, I thought they were just joking about it but it’s not what I expected. The road was rough and muddy because of the rain and not only that, our car was stocked in the middle of the river that we almost lost hope of not saving the car but thanks to the people around the area because even if they don’t knew us they extend their helping hand so that our car will finally be off the river. It was a tiring journey for all of us but it never stop the excitement we had but instead it even add colors to our journey. As they said, no pain there’s no gain. LOL!

Crazy as we were, we knew that God will always be in our side. Since our car stopped functioning we had no choice but to leave it in one of the houses near the river for awhile to continue our journey. We divided the group into two, Me, ate Wella and Larry went ahead and grab the last trip going to El Nido that luckily just passed by the area. Then, RBB and his cousin decided to stay there and wait for the morning to fix our car or have someone fix it for us. Gosh, we were so damn tired that when we reached the place where we will stay for the week, so we just headed to our room and let our fatigue body take a rest not knowing what will happen next.

Oh, so you really think it was not fun at all? Then you got it wrong because the following day was just the start of our grand vacation. After the rough travel that day, Mother Nature welcomed us with the awesome view of the sea, the sun and mountains. It was ended a view to behold and the sounds of the birds and sea was just sooo awesome that we even not dare to think how hard it was to get there. And yes, that was the start of our vacation. We had the grandiest time. We were able to island hop, played with the fishes, had fun with waves and sang with the birds. LOL, I was being poetic here because of the memories I had. But that was true, we really had a grand time. The best part of our vacation was being able to snorkel and watch the stars at night. It was so calm there and if you really want to get a rest and revive your spirit, El Nido is the best… And now, I am just so excited to be back again in that paradise, EL Nido…


lottery draw said...

wala pulos imo blog.

berto xxx said...

Having fun reading of your blog.

berto xxx

Dana & Debbie said...

WOW! El Nido is like a paradise...Would love to visit the place too someday!

Gracie said...

You bet. El Nido is really a paradise to behold. I would definitely recommend that place to you. I am now excited to go back there. I just hope my friend would be able to take a one week vacation. hehehe. Thanks for the comments guys!