Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm an Intel Involved Volunteer and I'm glad I am!

Last Saturday was one of the best weekend I had because finally I was able to come back with volunteer activity and that was the "Brigada Eskwela". I been an Intel Involved volunteer for quite sometimes now and it always been a mixed feelings everytime I do volunteer activity. I am not as consistent just like any of the other members but I make it a point to really go and volunteer myself whenever there's an activity and I am free just like last Saturday.

We been doing "Brigada Eskwela" volunteer activity for I think 4 years now. I'm not sure with the number of years but I know that we been doing it for quite sometimes already. It was an activity where Intel Involved tied up with public schools around Gen. Trias and help them clean the school premises to get ready for the upcoming school opening. It was indeed one of the great things we did as volunteers.

And last Saturday we went to Belvedere Elementary School to do the cleaning and make sure the rooms were ready when the little kids start their new school year. There's a lot of volunteers last Saturday so we did the cleaning quite fast and finish it before lunch time. What really suprised me was when I saw the place again.

The first time I been to Belvedere Elementary School was last 2006 and that time they only have one building to accommodate all of the students. But thanks to Intel matching grant program because they were able to set up additional seven rooms for the kids. I was really glad for the changes I seen. How volunteerism really works.

Intel Involved volunteers helped them in so many ways. We not only helped them fix the things need to fix but most of all because of our volunteer's hour we were able to gave them new hope. Intel Matching Grant program is one way of helping them. Intel Corp. matched the number of hours of the volunteers with the certain amount of $$$ for the whole year then after a year Intel Corp. will award the money to the school. Then the school make used of the money to build buildings or any other thing that will helped the school and the children.

With that knowledge and seeing the result, I am just so glad that in one way or another I know I was able to help them and our society with my own strength. I hope there will be more volunteers to come. Cheers to all volunteers!

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