Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Poor little Hand…

It was Saturday morning when I felt the pain in my left hand. It was not severe as I can still move and flex it so I did not mind at all, thinking that it will be okey soon. I need to do a lot of chores so I barely noticed that the pain in my hand was increasing. I even able to hand wash my clothes on the following day; Sunday but it I think it was the reasoned why the pain was becoming so intense that I barely moved it. But again I just ignored it thinking that it will soon be over. I came to work on Monday with a bandage in my left hand just to surpass the pain that I’m feeling. That day had been a long day for me. I cannot concentrate on what I was doing because I cannot ignore the pain anymore.

I came home that my left hand was starting to swell and that was the time I begun to really worry so I decided to take a leave from work in the following day and visit an ortho doctor for me to understand what’s going on. The doctor examined my hand and gave me prescription then advice me to have it X-rayed to be sure that there was no broken bones. I was still worried that day because I still felt severe pain every time I move my hand and I still don’t know the effect of the medicine my doctor prescribed and aside from that the result of X-ray will be out the following day, Wed. Good thing that I have medical benefits so they haven’t asked for charge even when I bought my medicine at Mercury Drug. I was just so glad about those benefits and really appreciate it.

It was when I drink my medicine that my hand swelling started to subside as well as the pain. But I still need to see the result of my X-ray and so I decided to inform my boss that I will not be able to come to work again. I was just so glad that the result of my X-ray was negative for any broken bones. The medicine also did well for I feel better now. Thou I still feel slight pain every time a put much force in my left hand but it is not as painful as it was two days ago. I am still recapturing and I know I will be very ok soon.

It was terrible experienced but I did learn a lesson from that experience. We really have to take good care every parts of our body. God put each part of our body because they have purpose.

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