Friday, June 20, 2008

Pursuit to Happiness...

I've seen this old movie of Chris Garner played by Will Smith entiled "The Pursuit of Happyness". It was indeed a wonderful movie, a real life story of a man who been facing each day of his life trying to find the happiness which seems too far away from him. His wife abandoned him. They been kick out from their apartment and no money on his pocket. His only strength that time was the trust that his son was given to him.

I was so touched with thier story and realize a lot of things afterwards. This man had suffered so much and yet he never stop dreaming. His son's loyalty has been his courage and strenght to move on and on. He never dare to stop even if the world seems stop revolving for him. And like a true hero, Chris rises above his obstacle to become a Wall Street legend.

I also got a problem but its nothing compared to what Chris experienced but most of the time I lost my composure every time problems hit me. But through this movie I realize that somewhat I am still luckier compared to what Chris had been and yet sometimes I forgot to really be thankful on the little things that makes me happy.

Life is not just about what you have, it is also about how to be happy on what you have. Don't force yourself to the limit. You need to also stop once in a while and simply smell the daises. Don't expect to much and learn to appreciate and be thankful in little things and you will see that life is easier and that happiness is jut within your reach.

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