Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rubeejoy Honeybee Colonies… ready to TAKE OFF!

First it was a hobby, then they sold the honey with their friends, then later they got a brand name and now they have their own website and ready to take off! Oh yeah, you heard me right. Remember when I featured my friend’s honeybee colonies? If you think they stopped selling their honey within their circle of friends well you got it all wrong because Joy and Dennis expanded their network by using the internet. They already got their own website to promote their very own product, the Rubeejoy Honeybee Colonies. Who else can promote the honey they sell, of course no one else but the couples themselves. I can say that their business is a labor of love and you won’t regret if you buy their products because I know that it’s 100% natural and with the best qualities that comparable to what you can get at the store but of course with lower price.

Well, I think they are on the right track. What else is the best way to promote their product? Of course the eWorld.. So welcome to Rubeejoy Honeybee Colonies on the net! Everything you need to know with their products and how to avail it are available on their website, the Rubeejoy Honeybee Colonies which is just on click away from you!

Happy Viewing!

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