Wednesday, July 2, 2008

CV Admins Made it again to IAEA!

I missed those days when I was still an admin. These pretty ladies in the photo were once my colleague. They were just pretty amazing person inside and out. I can say that because they are also my friends even if I already left the admin position that I once cherished. And today, they again rocked CV community for winning once more the most coveted IAEA (Intel Admin Excellence Award). IAEA is the highest recognition in Intel given only for admins and once you get this kind of award it only means you are simply outstanding!

Oh yeah, I know how it feels for once in my lifetime I also got this award. Hehehe. But it’s true, every admins at Intel all over the world wishing one day they will get that award but only few has the opportunity to get it because only few stepped up and do something wonderful for others. I am just so proud that once more Intel Philippines Admins was once recognized for their efforts and outstanding performance and I want to tell the world that these pretty ladies who won the IAEA are my colleague and my friends.

Congratulation guys! You are simply outstanding and I am sooo proud of you! Keep it UP!

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