Monday, July 7, 2008

Internet helps build relationship!

I was really happy that I have internet connection now. Last Sunday I was able to reconnect with my sisters. Though we always see to it that at least once in a while we have to know what’s going on with each other but chatting real time was far more different from just sending emails and text much more if are able to talk not only with one of your sisters but with another sis as well. LOL! I know I might confuse you. Oh well, to enlighten you, I got five sisters and one brother and we were living in different places thus it is hard for us to get in touch much more to have a chit chat just like we were used to. But no matter how far we are from each other we tried our best to communicate and at least to know what’s going on with each other.

So last Sunday, I opened my yahoo messenger as early as 8 am. As usually my sister Laura was online but I did not expect that my sister Bing was on the net as well. It’s her first time to chat, LOL! I was really glad to have that chance to chat a conference with them. We had webcam and voice so it was just like we were talking in one place. We were laughing as we talked about our past and how our life today differs from what we had before. Yeah, I think the world evolved too fast and I couldn’t imagine that we will be talking thru internet like that. It was a refreshing experienced for all of us and I know that it’s the start of whole new things for us. But one thing for sure that no matter where we are and no matter how far we are from each other we can find a way to bond with each other. That’s one thing that I really thank of for having an internet at home. It was just simply amazing!


HRMaster said...

Internet really helps,to communicate with faraway frnds.

healthy society said...

yeah, Internet helps us to know each other. then we can create a network of friends and improve relationships. nevertheless, we still need to be careful with new people who we know through the internet, because there are some cases of crimes committed evil people who use the Internet as a tool to find victims.