Saturday, July 5, 2008

Internet Sucks today!

Golly, here the internet turn on and off again! I hate it this way especially now that I’m about to send my report. Grrrr… See, I’m done with my report already but the internet is still out. I am done with my article also but I can’t post it yet because of this. Oh, I really hate it when internet sucks! But what will I do, but just to wait until it come.

It also happened before and really pissed me off because it was out for almost a day and heck, I was about submit my report that time when the internet gone. Oh well, just like today but the only different was that my report that day was kinda urgent. So what I did was of course to get help from the customer service but still it took awhile before my internet work again. Oh I hope it won’t happen this time. I need to post my articles. I will lost $$$ if I will not be able to post. Should I call now? Well, maybe a little later. For the meantime I will finish reading first. LOL!

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