Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Missed Opportunities!

I was so happy yesterday because I got 3 open opportunities from socialspark. Well supposed to be! I already accepted all the opportunities and tell myself to just do it after work as I had a busy day yesterday. Anyway, I had internet connection at home. That’s what I thought!

As soon as I arrived home I already set my mood into writing that way ideas will flow naturally. But heck, my connection sucks! It keeps disconnecting every now and then and really pissed me off. So I called their customer service and let them check what’s going on. After several attempt of pinging still my connection never stabilized until such time that the opportunities that were opened for me already expired. I am really, really disappointed with that. Though my connection is not always like that but because of my network problem I was not able to publish my articles.

I wanted to get mad but what’s the use? Maybe some other time I will get another opportunities and will not experience the same situation that I been through yesterday. Wish me luck guys!

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