Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Unanticipated June… What’s next this July?

It's a second day of July and yet as if June haven’t passed yet. Month of June was a month full of anticipations and surprises. We been waiting for June since the first announcement we got from our company that it soon will stop the operations and supposedly they will announce the final decision during the last week of June but to our dismay we haven’t got the news that we were expecting. Yes, we got email announcement from BK but the message was still vogue. No clear direction yet except for CPU which we already knew.

It was sad but what can we do but to wait for another couple of weeks as they promised in the email. Heck, it’s draining my patience but I have to hold once more to their promise or else all the things that I am expecting might not really come in the future. July might still be the same as June but we really have to continue what we are doing right now. Many things had happened over the past few months and we don’t want to burn our hopes. We have to believe once more although at the back of our mind a lot of questions are still hanging.

Let’s see what’s in our plates this month. I hope it gonna be a steak this time. Well I’m crossing my fingers.

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