Friday, August 15, 2008

Assumption Day - Happy Birthday to all SOM Children!

I remember way back in high school that August 15 was one of the most awaited day of the children in Sister's of Mary. I guess until now, the tradition are still being followed. The only difference now is that graduates can have quality time with the younger batches unlike before that we can't even talk with them.

Why this day is special? Well, first we celebrated Mama Mary's assumption day. The day when she finally get the gift from God and that is to be with Him in heaven body and soul. For catholics, that's one thing we celebrated because through that we seen how God's love work. Another thing why this day is special it's because it's Sister of Mary's foundation day and the main event is celebrating the birthday of all the kids there into one grand celebration with cakes, balloons, delicious foods and gifts.

This things might just be so ordinary to you, but for us that been able to experienced how it was being celebrated at SOM we knew how special it was. I had wonderful memories everytime August 15 came that until now I feel that this day as special as before. So to all the kids and graduates of the Sister's of Mary, Happy Assumption day and happy birthday to us! May the spirit of God be with us all and we may never forget our dear founder Father Al.

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