Monday, August 11, 2008

Boot Camp Day 1

I had a full schedule today. I had whole day trainings which were all about de-installation process. Though I am not a part of the de-installation team I am required to attend the two days boot camp that left me no time to perform my other task. With that, I had no choice but to do it at home. Our boot camp is a two days session. We were done with the first part and tomorrow our topic will focus on the safety trainings needed to perform the task. I don’t know why I need to attend but since the management required all engineers to attend I am oblige to do so.

Well, it was not a boring day. We got a very good instructor. He encouraged participation from the audience. Though in some point during the training I can’t control myself to feel sleepy and I’m really shy about it, LOL! But thanks to God because our training day went smoothly. I was able to understand the 2D, 3D and 6D process of the de-installation. It may not be critical to me but to other engineers I know it is.

Tomorrow was our day two for our boot camp and supposed to be the last one. I hope it will turn alright just what we had today. Wish us luck!

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