Sunday, August 3, 2008

Busy but Happy weekend!!!

Whew, glad to be online again. I miss blogging! First at work then now it's because of my house's renovation. Yes! Finally the renovation of my house will finally over. After a week of dusts, debris, and mess everywhere because of the ongoing renovation my house will finally be back to its clean state. LOL!

I know, I have to undergo all of these but I'm glad that it will finally be over. I can't log in at home because of that and now that it's already clean and the outlets are now working I can finally do the blogging. Yay! Though, the renovation is not over yet because of there are still some retouching that need to be done I am now comfortable to sit in my bed and of course do the blogging. LOL!

After the busy weekends I am still glad and happy! I hope all of you had a happy weekend too!

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Melissa said...

Grace I love your site. I have award for you. have a nice weekend.