Sunday, August 17, 2008

Reaching Out!

I hate traveling back and forth especially if the destination is far from where I live. But yesterday was totally different or maybe I was also excited to be there. I was hopping from one store to another during that time when I got a text message from Kuya Andre, my bestfriend’s brother. The message requested me to visit them and at that very moment I immediately said yes and to go back home to get clothes. It was 5:00 pm already when I finally left home and arrived at their place at 8:00 pm. Mind you, that was my first time to be there. The good thing was that Kuya Andre has a very clear direction to follow and so I was able to reach their place sound and safe.

I ate dinner with them before settling to the main business why in the first place I need to travel and had an overnight stay with them. Oh, before I forgot, I finally seen Gian Andre, their son but to my amazement I saw a baby girl in the crib. So I asked Ate Jing, Kuya Andrei’s wife where was their son and she was laughing and pointed out the baby on the crib. Heck, they dressed Gian into a girl. Silly parents they were but that was funny and I was really laughing and even took pictures of my soon to be godson. Then after dinner me, ate Jing and kuya had a chat over bottles of beer, LOL! But I’m glad I went there because in someway or another I know that I am able to help the couples especially of course kuya and I’m happy seeing them again. We had a great time talking and most of the time our topic was about my bespren who live far away from us. It was 2 am when we finally said goodnight and woke up around 12 nn.

It was brief reunion but a happy and fruitful one, I can say. Seeing kuya having his own family and how much he adores his family gave a warm feelings. Finally, kuya had his own family and a home to stay. I am really happy seeing them and wishing them good life and good health.

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