Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gian Andrie's Dedication

It was 5:00 in the afternoon when finally the pastor started the ceremony for Gian Andrie Agda's dedication. It was one of rare occassions that I attended that touched my heart. Seeing the happiness in the face of the parents makes me really fell so glad inside my heart. I was also happy to be chosen as one of godmother for Gian. The ceremony went smoothly and solemn althought there was a tiny droplets of rain that keep pouring upon us. Indeed the Gian is a gift and I prayed that he will be raise well, but I never have a doubt about that.

Anyway, to give you a glimpse about what happened this afternoon here are the pics that I personally taken except for the photos that I am present.

The Venue

Pround parents

A pose near the cake with Mommy Jing

With NinongsWith Ninang Ganda.. hehe With Ninangs
With Cousins and tita and tito
With Ninongs again

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