Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Career Continuation Workshop Day 1 … Continue

I know should wrote this last October 13 since that’s actually the day of our CCW or Career Continuation Workshop, but since it was a full pack day for me, I was not able to do so. Nonetheless I still wanted to share with you what happened on that day and what I learned so far. The career continuation workshop focused on three things and those are Working for self or Entrepreneurship, Working for others or employment and the Active Retirement. Those topics actually will help us decide what to do once we separated from our company. But before that, we also have workshop to assess our Six life arenas, how it looks like now and how we wanted it to be in the future. Simple exercise but leads to a lot of questions, but as for me now and how I wanted it be in the future were almost similar. Then we also did the self assessment. We had exercises on the things we were good at and we enjoyed doing. Seeing those things that I really enjoyed and I am very proficient gave me understanding on the nature of the job I wanted to get in the future. It’s simple but a little bit tricky. Looking at the results of my exercises I realized that I’m a kind of person that wanted a job that I can work independently or with minimal supervision and as I looked back in the past I really do enjoyed it. I still have to complete and really think about the ideal workplace for me and hoping that I will get it to really enjoy my job. We also discussed how to write a powerful resume and how to prepare for an interview. We also discussed how to handle our money wisely and a lot more. It’s only for the day 1. Day 2 of our workshop was a lot more exciting. I’ll post it later. LOL

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