Thursday, October 16, 2008

Career Continuation Workshop Day2

Just like the first day of our Career Continuation Workshop or CCW we also had fun. We just continue what we had not taken during the day one and that was all about the helpful tips on getting new job if in case we decided to work again after Intel. I am thankful I attended the class because I learned a lot of things like writing a powerful resume, creating my 2 minutes introduction and a lot more. It gave me a very clear idea how to manage my resume and even how to win the interview. We focused more on how to get the job you want. I remembered what our facilitator told us that don't just get a job. Find a job that will make you happy. In the sense it's true and right now I am contemplating on what are the things that I really like doing. We also list down our development plan as we go on our transition as well as our 6 months plan. Doing those activies helped me evaluate a lot about myself. I am now decided to really do a career shift. I wanted to get an IT job or a programming job and that's what I need to prepare now. I'll be refreshing my knowledge on programming as well as CISCO. Good thing DBM has lots of online training so I don't need to go far just to get a class that will fit to my schedule. Now, I am more excited to go back learning. I have to increase my basket of skills to be more competitive to where ever I might be. May God help me on this journey.

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