Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Bunso!

It was my youngest sister's birthday yesterday. No big parties as we don't have money to spend in such extravagant occassions but I made sure that she will feel special on that day. I was not really feeling well yesterday but I still wake up early to buy some ingredients for sinigang na tuna because that was her request to me. It was kinda easy and I love cooking for her. So even if I am not feeling well I still made a delicious viand for her. Somehow she appreciated it and was able to eat with gusto. I love seeing her eating whatever I cook for her because she find it delicious. I don't know but she said that it taste just like my mom's way of cooking. That's a really wow for me and maybe because of that I am challenged to experiment more. I love cooking now and I waited for her every weekend to cook for her. It somehow became our weekend bonding. And now that she turned 21, I hope that a more fruitful year for her. May she always remain as sweet and as loving as she is right now.


Imelda said...

her b-day falls on the same day as my daughter's. belasted to ur sis.

bobbyboy said...

Sounds like your sister had the birthday that she wanted, as the small things are what are meaningful.

Happy birthday to her!


Edna Guevara said...

You're a very thoughtful sister!

Gracie said...

THANKS a LOT.. sobrans sarap namn talaga eh... hehehe