Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Career Continuation Workshop Day1

What a wonderful day to start my week. It's my day 1 for my career continuation workshop facilitated with our DBM counterparts, which is one of the leading company in terms of transition management. Why am I into this class? Well, honestly I am one of the thousands of employees in our company that has been affected by the retrenchment and our company is good enough to provide us with adequate training before we finally bid goodbye. And here I am sitting in one of our training rooms together with other affected employees. But don't worry, our class went good and everyone are participating. Right now we are on breaks and I just take a few minutes of it to write down what is happening.

It was a day full of trainings, sharing of ideas and hopefully a day of wonders for all of us. We are now are ready to draw what will be our next path after we left our company. I'll share with you what I've learned on this training in my next articles. See yeah!

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