Monday, October 27, 2008

My Culinary Arts Training experienced…

I had a full week training last week as usual and it consist of different trainings. There’s the Personal Financial Planning, the Entrepreneurship 1 and the Basic Culinary Arts training. All of those trainings were equally important as it help me in my transition. I’m glad I’m able to attend all of those despite of having lots of things to work on. And among those trainings, I really enjoyed and love my culinary arts training. I had a bunch of wonderful and cheerful classmates that makes the training even more fun. I love the lectures we had just anything about food. I learned a lot of techniques and menus during the training. We had great teacher from TLRC (Technical Learning Resource Center) who really did their job for us to learn all about culinary. It was an amazing experience and fun too especially during the actual demonstration on what we learned from our lecture. We might be a newbie on this area but I’m proud to say that we did great. I have here some pictures during the cooking event.

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