Friday, October 3, 2008

The Writer in me...

Being a writer is always been my greatest dream, being able to publish a book someday will be an added bonus for me. I started writing during my high school days and somehow I begun to love it. It's my way of expressing how I feel towards life, person or any other things. I may not be a professional writer but I am very thankful that blogging gave me an opportunity to do what I love to do. I begin to write in blog way back 2006 but since nobody visited my blog before I stopped it. A writer without a reader die too soon. I get burned out of the idea of writing until one day when my sister introduced me to a new way of blogging and I called this as social blogging. And because of that my sleepy mind as writer was back again and now I'm still loving it. I met a lot of friends online and learned a lot from their blog as well. The how to's and crazy little tips that somehow very helpful to me.

But my heart as a writer does not stop in blogging because just last night I joined to essay contest in our company. The zeal to wrote was too powerful for me, maybe because I like the topic or maybe because I wanted to share beautiful memories in our company. I'm not actually looking for the prize but if given a chance then I would glad to because it means that they appreciate what I wrote and somehow touched the heart of my readers. And I hope that will be a start of a new beginning for me as a writer. Wish me luck!

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bobbyboy said...

Hi Grace, best of luck with the contest! You know, two of my friends that have been writing for many years told me, when asked, "If you write, then you're a writer."

Keep doing what you love to do!